Property Preservation

We are an Owner Operated Property Preservation Company with 12 years experience in the professional cleaning and detailing service industry.

Property preservation involves the securing, protecting, and preparing of properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status. The financial hardships that cause these unfortunate situations leave prior homeowners unhappy about losing their homes. As a result, many of these homes are left in poor and sometimes unmarketable conditions.

We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and stay on top of the continual changes in all investor/insurer guides.


Checking Occupancy / Securing / Stabilizations / Winterizations / Boarding / Lawn Maint / Snow Plowing / Evictions / Debris Removal / Janitorial Services /  Re-painting / Re-carpeting / Carpet Steam Cleaning / Pool Drain and Secure / Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance / 24 hr Rekey Service / Light Repair / Gutter Cleaning

We utilize the most cost-effective procedures to help eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for our clients.